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I have been playing on-line a hell of a lot longer than most.  Most have come and gone not to be seen ever again since my inital clan of S/H.  Some leave and come back on-line.  I have had some find me as Maximus, $1.35+Tax, Corporal Canuck, WascallyWabbit.  I email them back and only Corporal Canuck and WascallyWabbit responded back. 

I looked some up that still maintain their forums.  Patton's and nOs forums are gone.  Blood Guard is still around at http://www.despoiler.net/forum2/ barely.  Maxiumgamer forums is for the business, and some of the old players check in every couple years at http://www.maximumgamer.com/   I see Greeno is the only one is left at wka http://www.wka-clan.net/ playing BF. 

I assume interests change, most were younger players that have grown up and started RL and have moved on.  I have seen no one from Pattons 3rd Army or nOs.   I was just invited on xfire by GUNZ in Oct 10.  

StormTroopers has been around for sometime.  But due to trying to everything to all caused its demise.    RIP STORMTROOPERS CLAN  2001-2010.

Finished my Master in Dec 2011.  Bought my new box in Feb 2014.  I stated back on-line with Mar 2014 release of Titanfall.  In Jun 13, bought BF4 to play.  Started to play in eGO servers for DoD:S in Aug 14.