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I started playing decent and doom.  Then in the fall of 1999 with HL and counter-strike when my brother introduced me to those games.  I was accepted into my first clan playing counter strike in the winter of 2000. The Strength and Honor [S/H] counterstrike clan was a group of @Home workers that started their own clan.  One hosted the server on a cable connection to his home with the pipe wide open.  I maintained the web site http://www.strengthandhonor.com/  till summer of 2010 when I sold that url for $425.  That clan competed in CAL, OGL, IGL, & STA starting with CS to Global Operations, Americas Army, & Battlefield 1942.  That clan folded in the spring of 2003, and I joined another BF2 clan (Patton's 3rd Army)  for a two seasons of CAL till that clan folded in the winter of 2003.

I started playing DoD in winter of 2003 due to being head admin on the Maxiumgamer CS and DoD game servers, and head admin on the forums.  I was head admin due to the relationship of Ixian with S/H leaders.  With Ixian staring his gaming center business, he dropped the pub servers completely, and revamped the web page/forums to the new business.  So, I started playing DoD on other servers.  I joined a DoD clan in Fall of 2004 (Let God Sort'em Out, LGSO).  I left that clan in spring of 2005 with Stinger, Hambone, and Madcap when we had a dispute when the leaders started making up rules after the fact.  

We had already been playing for some time on the StormTroopers server, and played StormTroopers in several matches.  I continued to play on the StormTroopers server. I got know the members.  Stinger, Hambone, and Madcap had been accepted into StormTroopers about 8 month before I was accepted in Apr 06 and jumped back into league play.  I was soon promoted to assistant league captain of the DoD:S CAL team.  When CoD4:MW came out, I stepped down from DoD:S and stepped up to CoD4:MW when it was released in Nov 07.  We have played leagues and ladder in CAL and TWL.  Now that CoD:WaW came out in Nov 08, it has brought us back to WWII.  CoD4:MW2 was release in Nov 09 with no servers.  A sign the industry that we supported and grew, was abandoning us PC users.  

Issues of RL, gaming rig down, and starting Master program, I stopped playing on-line in January 2010.  Stormtroopers clan servers and web site closed up shop in October 2010.  RIP Stormtroopers Clan 2001-2010.

Finished my Masters in Dec 2011.  Bought the new rig in Feb 2014.  Starting playing with Titan Fall in Mar 2014.  Started playing BF4 in summer of 2014.  I played some CoD4:MW, but it was pure enjoyment to play DoD:S again.  I found the eGO servers fun to play on and you will find me there..........